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Two years ago, during the Xbox and Bethesda presentation at E3 2021the first trailer for Redfall, the new game from Arkane Studios —known for titles like Prey, Dishonored and deathloop among others-. Now, Redfall is officially available – on Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass – and in our review we will know everything this title has to offer. Will Redfall live up to other Arkane Studios games?

Redfall is Bethesda’s first Xbox-exclusive release since its acquisition in 2020. So this is another reason why everyone has their eyes on Arkane’s game.

Black hole sun won’t you come

Critical review redfall analysis

Redfall tells the story of a world where a small circle of power-hungry people using their deep knowledge of medicine—and the owners of a pharmaceutical company—harness an unfathomable power that turns a large part of Redfall into vampires. Additionally, this group enclosed the inhabitants of Redfall with walls of water and eclipsed the sun. Now, the members of Aevum Pharmaceuticals—known as Gaunt, Bloodthirsty Tom, Civila, and Black Sun—are treated by some as deities and rule different parts of Redfall.

Critical review redfall analysisCritical review redfall analysisCritical review redfall analysisCritical review redfall analysis

In the story of Redfall, the development of the villains stands out more than that of the main characters and the different NPCs of the game. Unfortunately, the heroes have few lines of dialogue and the decision to play one or the other —just like in dead island 2— do not affect the development of Redfall’s story. Fortunately, the advertising campaign that Bethesda has done for Redfall has given us more details about the heroes of the game. We can appreciate this in the previews of the presentation of Devinder ‘Dev’ Crousley, Layla Ellison, remi de la rosa and Jacob Boyer which are on the Bethesda Softworks channel on YouTube.

Critical review redfall analysisThanks to the different notes —which even have unnecessarily “emotional” sermons— Arkane’s vision of the world of Redfall is drawn in our minds.

As in other Arkane games, but to a lesser extent, in Redfall there is a story in every corner that helps to better understand the events that isolated this small town in Massachusetts. Documents, some side missions and other secrets that we found during our exploration will reveal to us how the moments before and after the start of the Redfall vampire apocalypse were experienced from the perspective of each inhabitant.

Neath the black, the sky looks dead

Redfall’s open world is unlike that of games like Skyrim or The Witcher. On the contrary —and closer to what Fallout 76 was at the time— in Redfall we will be alone most of the time. Since among many of the areas there are neither human nor vampire enemies. Another of the problems that we found during our review, Review, of Redfall is that if we explored a place and then it was part of a mission, our progress in the building continues and we only have to activate the objective to continue —in a very anticlimactic way — with the next mission. So our advice is not to waste time exploring and go straight to doing the main quests.

The unique abilities of each Redfall character take advantage of the level design and —although we couldn’t play co-op due to no public matchmaking— We know from several of the game previews —and from the feeling they leave when used— that the different abilities of Redfall’s heroes can be combined to strategize against the hordes of vampires or humans who seek to eliminate us. Also, thanks to the lack of public matchmaking the world of Redfall feels lonely and even “dead” in some parts. Fortunately, as you progress through the game and unlock the second location, the streets and areas that separate us from our objectives are filled with more enemies and make exploration more interesting.

In Redfall there are a decent number of enemies (vampires) and the fight with each of them is very satisfying, since their AI responds better than that of humans.

No one sings like you anymore

The resolution of some missions hides secret rewards if our decision is correct or ethically incorrect.

Another of the inexplicable decisions in the Redfall multiplayer section is that the progress of the missions only counts for the host of the room. Which condemns their companions to have to help and waste the time invested or the host to have to redo the mission to accompany the person who supported him. Without a doubt, Redfall doesn’t feel as immersive as other Arkane works, since the title is clearly focused on cooperative play and wild action. However, things like exploring buildings —such as New England mansions— that have a great level of detail even in the documents that one finds, suggest that in Redfall there is still that something that has made the studio so dear. from Texas.

Redfall on Xbox Game Pass for PC has a weight of 103.29 GB and on Steam 78.37.

On a technical level, the world of Redfall does not have loads, but this could have led to a series of failures in the game. During the time we tested Redfall for this review, the game ran on our PC—a Ryzen 3700x, 16GB of RAM, and a Radeon 5700—at an average of 60 FPS with FSR 2.1 enabled. However, in some areas of the game the performance dropped significantly. Other errors that we could find were failures in the animations of some enemies and an artificial intelligence of these a bit inconsistent – at times sharp and deadly and at others non-existent.

Redfall In Summary

RedFall has a gameplay that, although it doesn’t invent the wheel, makes the experience of facing vampires fun. Exploring haunted houses or going up to the rooftops to look for a favorable point fulfill the fun of the player. However, the rhythm of the story together with the errors and deficiencies of the cooperative manage to overshadow Arkane’s work. However, the game is on Xbox Game Pass and with the experience of other Microsoft titles such as Sea of ​​Thieves, it is not unreasonable to say that in a few months we are talking about a game that is not different, but better.

Review made using a digital copy of Redfall for Steam provided by Bethesda Softworks. Also Visit


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